Where in the World Is Mount Rushmore?

By | Mar 15th, 2016 | Category: Culture, Discoveries
Where in the World Is Mount Rushmore?

We have a problem. In a recent Intrepid Travel survey of 2,000 people from across the U.S., only 60 percent could correctly identify South Dakota as the home state of Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Clearly geography isn’t our strong suit…

There’s even been some confusion within the tourism industry itself. We haven’t forgotten about this boo-boo from a AAA mailer back in 2013:

North Dakota mistakenly named home of Mount Rushmore by U.S. marketer

Thankfully 90 percent of the respondents could, at least, recognize the massive presidential sculpture as Mount Rushmore. Which means we need to focus on educating people specifically on its location.


With nearly 2.5 million visitors to Mount Rushmore last year alone, there are plenty of people who can help spread the word. Visitors and locals alike need to do their part in sharing this knowledge with those that might be unsure. Use this as a fun trivia question the next time you need to spark up a conversation. Challenge your family over the dinner table. Toss these fun facts around the water cooler at work. Wherever you can interject, be sure to point people in the right direction when it comes to our Shrine of Democracy.

Back to the survey results—we aren’t the only home of a landmark that’s been misplaced. Almost 70 percent didn’t know where Yellowstone National Park was located, and 1 in 10 thought Alcatraz Island was in New York…

According to Intrepid Travel spokesperson, Leigh Barnes, she’s hoping the survey results encourage more people to get out and travel.

“Exploration and discovery fuel curiosity and make us smarter, more aware,” Barnes said. “America has so many treasures and unique sites to explore, hopefully people get out there and see all this country and the world have to offer.”



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