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Top 5 Instagram Photos for August

By • Sep 3rd, 2014 • Category: Discoveries

From sublime sunrises to stormy skies, we’ve compiled our most-liked Instagram photos for August: #1. Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park (   #2. Lightning storm in Badlands National Park, photographed by @codylerephoto (   #3. Bear Butte, located near Sturgis, courtesy of South Dakota Tourism (   #4. Sunrise at Sheridan Lake, shared by […]

5 Days of Beer & Wine in the Black Hills

By • Aug 26th, 2014 • Category: Attractions, Culture, Discoveries

Day 1 – Rapid City Pulling into Rapid City, you have an amazing array of things to choose from with everything located near or within a short drive due to its central location and proximity to many of the Black Hills must-do attractions. Stay close though as Mount Rushmore and others can be seen later. […]

Hill City Brewery Sick N Twisted – By Beer Lovers For Beer Lovers

By • Jul 15th, 2014 • Category: Culture, Dining, Discoveries

Maybe it was never doubt about Sick N Twisted Brewery in Hill City but simply that I was so blown away by the full offering. At Sick-N-Twisted there are typically 16 of their beers on tap. Seriously, and that’s just theirs. Between two other bar setups on the grounds, there are also twenty more amazing guest beers to choose from. Staring at so many taps, the plans for a future Hill City stay quickly boiled.

How did Badlands National Park get its name?

By • Jul 10th, 2014 • Category: Discoveries, Outdoor Adventure

As a resident of the beautiful Black Hills, I’ve become accustomed to meeting travelers that are excited to tour and experience all of the unique attractions and natural wonders of the area. Everyone is usually looking for the best insider tips on the must-see attractions, awe-inspiring monuments, breathtaking parks and mouth-watering dishes to indulge in […]

Discovering Serenity on a Trail in Newcastle, Wyoming

By • Jun 1st, 2014 • Category: Discoveries, Outdoor Adventure

I’ve called the Black Hills home for more than thirty years, but it still feels like a brand new adventure every time I get a chance to get out and explore the area.  Most recently I am able to re-explore the area as a mom to a four year old spitfire. It seems like we […]

Playing Tourist In My Own Backyard

By • May 27th, 2014 • Category: Discoveries

I recently took the opportunity to take a professional, guided tour through the Southern Black Hills into Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, and Crazy Horse— An unusual activity considering I grew up here and have been to just about all of our attractions more times than I get asked for directions to Mt. Rushmore. As […]

Remembrance of the (not-so-distant) Past

By • May 13th, 2014 • Category: Culture, Discoveries

This outing lead me and a small party of comrades to the above and under ground launch facility of the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. Some of you may remember a particularly tense period of time in history, The Cold War, when the threat of nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States […]

2014 Sundance Film Festival: Dinosaur 13

By • Mar 20th, 2014 • Category: Discoveries

Sundance Film Festival, held annually in January, is one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States. Each year, independent filmmakers hope to capture the attention of audiences and entertainment companies with means of gaining further exposure for their films. This year, one of the most anticipated films, Dinosaur 13, told both the […]

Bitter Esters Brewhouse

By • Mar 16th, 2014 • Category: Dining, Discoveries

At new Black Hills brewery it’s okay to be a little bitter…Bitter Esters, that is. If you like great beer, homemade food and a convivial atmosphere (and who doesn’t?), then head to Bitter Esters Brewhouse in Custer.  Open since May 2012, this gem of a microbrewery makes its home in a renovated historic building on […]

Mount Rushmore Meets Hollywood

By • Mar 5th, 2014 • Category: Discoveries

In the days following Sunday night’s Academy Awards, the topics continue to trend: who was best dressed, poor Leo, Ellen’s jokes, J. Law’s famous falls, and the record-setting retweeted selfie. For those that watched the awards, the movie “Nebraska” was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, […]